You rase me up

You Raise Me Up(Wikipedia)

is a popular song in the inspirational mold. The music was written by Secret Garden’s Rolf Løvland; the lyrics by Brendan Graham. The song has now been covered more than 125 times.

The song was originally written as an instrumental piece and entitled “Silent Story”. The melody is based on the traditional Irish tune Londonderry Air, which is best known as the usual tune for the 1910 song Danny Boy. Løvland approached Irish novelist and songwriter Brendan Graham to write the lyrics to his melody after reading Graham’s novels. It was originally released on the 2001 Secret Garden album “Once in a Red Moon”, with the vocals sung by Irish singer Brian Kennedy, and sold well in both Ireland and Norway. The song was used for commemorations of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks[citation needed] despite not having been released in America yet. Originally, Brian Kennedy was supposed to follow Secret Garden on their Asian tour in 2002, but fell ill, and could not attend. He was replaced by Norwegian singer Jan Werner Danielsen, who also later recorded the song together with Secret Garden, but it was never released.

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